Colasoft EtherLook 1.0

Colasoft EtherLook 1.0: An easy to use TCP/IP network traffic monitor for the Windows-based platforms. An easy to use TCP/IP network traffic monitor for the Windows-based platforms. With the abilities of real time monitoring all traffic flowing around the local network and to/from the Internet, you can manage and supervise the corporate network more easily and efficiently. In addition to the Traffic Analysis Module, Colasoft EtherLook has three advanced analysis modules: Email Analysis Module, Web Analysis Module and Login Analysis Module.

Risk Assessment Analysis 1.00: Ready to use excel template for performing Risk Assessment Analysis easily.
Risk Assessment Analysis 1.00

Ready to use Excel Template for performing Risk Assessments for your projects? Over 100 risk examples included to get you started with your Risk Assessment Analysis. Predefined formulas for calculating risk levels. Graphic presentation of your risk exposure included. Download and simplify your risk analysis with this easy-to-use Risk Assessment Analysis Tool.

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Disk usage analysis tool 3.0: Disk usage analysis tool - this tool will help you to free disk space!
Disk usage analysis tool 3.0

analysis tool tells you how your disk space is being used. With Disk usage analysis tool you will always know the size of all of your folders. This tool will help you to find out how much garbage you store on HDD. It will help to find the largest files in the selected foler and its subfolders. Using Disk usage analysis tool you will certainly find unnecessary files that have been unused for many years. Disk usage analysis tool is a powerful and flexible

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Risk Management Templates 1.00: Risk analysis and risk management in easy to use excel based templates
Risk Management Templates 1.00

analysis and risk management in easy to use excel based templates. You can be up and running in no time at all. No training needed! Includes graphic analysis charts! User guide embedded! This risk management package reduces the sum total of risk management to the following easy to use, excel based tools: 1) Risk Assessment Analysis: This is your starting point of risk analysis where you uncover the risks that may sabotage your project. This Risk

project risk, risk management, risk analysis, risk templates, risk template

IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer 4.1: Easy-to-use analysis tool that delivers self-service analysis capabilities
IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer 4.1

IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer is an easy-to-use, analysis tool that delivers self-service analysis capabilities. It gives users the flexibility to view information easily in a variety of graphical and tabular formats including Pivot Tables & Charts, & also export to a variety of formats. Complete with powerful grouping, charting and ad hoc analysis capabilities, IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer empowers users with real-time data analysis.

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CSDiff 5.0: ComponentSoftware Diff (CSDiff) -  Free file-difference analysis tool
CSDiff 5.0

analysis option. · Analysis of MS-Word documents. (MS-Word required) · Sophisticated folder difference analysis sorted by any key. · Support of compressed folders (ZIP files) for comparison between archived folders and regular folders. · Enhanced folder difference analysis reports, including: HTML reports, XML reports, filters and optional links to file-level analysis. · Freeware -- CSDiff may be used completely free of charge New features in

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osCommerce Sales Channel Analysis 6.9.9

Analysis gives you the ability to analyze and streamline your comparison shopping marketing strategy. One tool for all comparison shopping and export analysis needs. What Sales Channel Analysis gives You: ... Ability to Analyze (the outcome each comparison shopping engine campaign for you) ... You will see number of clicks, orders (and more) per each sales channel therefore see the revenue ... Detailed Real-Time Reporting (validate comparison shopping

oscommerce sales analysis, sales, oscommerce module, export, oscommerce, analysis

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